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Meet Everet & Maryanne

"Best part was communication. You really helped me, I never sold a house with my mother. This is my mother house. And the best thing you helped me with was communicating and delegating things I didn't know about you were straightforward, didn’t lie to me and telling me to run around or I'm a help you and you couldn't help me. You helped me to the end. So the best part about it, you were there when I needed you.

It was nice and easy. It wasn’t too long.It's kind of fast actually the closing date was supposed to be for the 15th and we literally closed. We were supposed to close a little early, but we even closed a week early than we were supposed to. So it was even better."


Meet Jeff

They were extremely patient with us and helping out a long way. The closing was free. Obviously we had some paperwork that we had to deal with on our end, but we I was actually traveling and the closing went really smooth. We actually even had a better offer. But with dealing, with Marco, we were, you know, more comfortable with him. Some of the other people were considerably arrogant, so we just decided to go with him. 

It was a pleasure working with them in those circumstances, you know, everything went really nice and smooth and can't say enough good things about it."


Meet Maria

 My name is Maria and I'm a nurse. I saw an ad and usually I'm really skeptical about those ads and I kind of discard them, but I said let me give them a chance and gave them a call.

I couldn't really handle the tenants. I worked full time and second floor was kind of demolished. We could not finish the renovation so just decided to sell it as soon as possible. It was so easy, I was in contact with Marco. It was a quick phone call or text message not difficult.

Closing was very easy, I just signed and everything else was taken care of electronically overnight. So it was really easy and I didn’t have to talk much except just a quick signature.

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